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  • We’re especially care with our children’s skin care products so when I was introduced to DeVita Baby, I was thrilled to learn more about their baby line.  I’ve had the opportunity to review their Bubbly Babies Shampoo & Body Wash and love it so I was eager to try out their Butter Cheeks: Baby Balm..   read more

  • When you are a new mama, you are quick to add diaper cream to your registry and you get excited when you see the little tubes that people give you because you just know you’re going to need them… read more

  •  I was excited to try  DeVita Baby, a chemical free, additive free, and artificial fragrance free skincare line for babies. This completely vegan baby care line is pretty awesome- and it was nice to know that I could actually pronounce the ingredients- I knew what I was putting on Chuck’s skin…  read more

  •  There are many things that make DeVita different than other baby lines. Their line is 100% vegan, Paraben free and chemical free – so you won’t find any animal byproducts in their products and they’re not testing on animals. While you definitely don’t need to be vegan to enjoy them, it’s definitely a piece of mind knowing they are not in the DeVita line of products.  read more

  •  Finding a pure and natural body wash for baby’s delicate skin that also effectively cleans can be a difficult task. That’s why I love  DeVita Baby’s  shampoo and body wash line! read more

  • My youngest daughter has always had sensitive skin.  The kind of sensitive that wants to make you run to the doc every time you see new red patches because the one time  you were not sure, she ended up allergic to kid’s body wash and covered in hives.  Learning my lesson early on has prevented many trips to the doc and has saved my sanity.  Being a super picky parent about what I put on her skin is second nature for me; and I proudly trust her skin to  DeVita Baby Products!  read more

  • I already had a gushy soft spot in my heart for DeVita Natural Skin Care because they have a redonk variety of vegan and paraben-free skin care and beauty products—and now they have an all-natural vegan baby line? Fuggedaboutit! I’m in ♥ x12 + infinity. * *swooooooooooooon* *… read more

  •  There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to baby care items. And the skin care category is no exception. Luckily, there are also a lot of good choices.  DeVita Baby is one such product line that you should definitely consider the next time you need skincare for your little bundle or as a gift for the next baby shower you attend. This product line boasts vegan, natural and organic ingredients with no dangerous or toxic contents whatsoever… read more 

  • Having a new baby I am pretty picky what products I use on his skin, especially in these early weeks and months. At just under three weeks old, his Doctor recommended I don’t use anything with added fragrances because it can be harsh on his tender skin. That’s why I was happy to hear that Devita’s new Devita Baby line that’s vegan, all-natural skin care for babies includes a Bubbly Babies Bodywash and Shampoo that was Fragrance Free. read more

  • …If you have kiddos with sensitive skin, if you’re interested in products that are pure, natural, and vegan, or if you’re just looking to try something new, I’d recommend giving  DeVita Baby a try… read more

  •  Ohhhh my my my, I can not WAIT to get my hands on the new DeVita Baby line from DeVita Natural Skin Care.  I absolutely LOVE the DeVita products and have been anxiously awaiting for them to come out with a children’s line…  read more

  •  I believe the more and more we research, investigate and expand our knowledge about products like these, for kids even, we will become a cruelty and animal free society… read more

  •  …We tried the Bubbly Babies Shampoo + Body Wash in both Calendula and Fragrance-free. The Calendula scent is very light and soothing, plus it doesn’t linger so it’s great for boys or girls. There are a number of other products including lotion, powder, diaper cream and (soon-to-come) sunscreen… read more

  •  …Finding a good baby care line has just gotten easier! Brought to us by the DeVita Natural Skin Care line,  DeVita Baby is a new line of baby focused skin care products concerned parents will love… read more